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The MAC Logistic stands out for vast logistical expertise at all stages of the supply chain from a single international shipment even the most complex operations.

International freight – Ocean and air

We provide ocean and air freights to and from any region of the world. MAC Logistic works with all ocean and air freight companies through an agreement that guarantees high quality and competitive prices.

NVOCC (Non Vessel Common Carrier)

We can offer to your LCL (Less-Than-Container-Load) cargo the best solution for your company needs, and total security using our own establishments or trust partners.

Customs Clearence

MAC Logistic works with customs clearance operations where our professionals, with systemic vision, evaluate all the process steps since the beginning until the goods’inclusion in our client’s checklist. By adopting this practice, it allows us to have the best performance of the stage’s flow, such as influencing improvement at customs release.

The clients can have access to accuracy data via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), avoiding rework transactions, optimizing operations and maximizing information flow. EDI brings quality to the whole process.

Door to Door

One of the best services of MAC Logistic is to offer a perfect harmony among international shipment, customs release and good’s delivery door to door. All of this is possible due to a flow selective analysis of this services plus a personalized strategic planning, which certificates our door to door quality.

Seaport Operations

Load and unload break bulk cargo ships.

National and International Logistics Consulting

MAC Logistic professionals attend our client’s needs at the entire process, offering a highly specialized supply chain and logistics consulting knowledge.

The logistics consulting service comprehend international contract analysis, provides technical logistic feedback as well as the follow-up of all embarkation documentation, therefore avoiding drop out of buyer’s goods or of the non-delivery by the seller. We elaborate credit portfolios according to UCP 600’s rules, and we also offer technical feedback about these rules to protect present and future receipts.

We also provide feasibility logistics studies as well as personal projects to new company’s plants, aiming the best solutions by proposing better places for settlement and supply. Our contingency logistics plans are made in a macro perspective to offer better alternatives for our clients needs.

Distribution and Storage

At MAC Logistic the storage and distribution services are outsourced, but we provide personalized assistance to each client, focusing in their demands. One of the advantages is a cargo location system on real time, offered by our own management system.

3PL e 4PL

In Brazil, MAC Logistic is one of the few companies that provides 3PL (third part logistics) and 4PL (fourth part logistics) with high performance. There are many reasons that prove it like international transport operations know-how, customs release, storage, production line supply, checklist and fiscal documents issues and distribution.We develop supply chain capacity management of all of our clients.


MAC project consists in a specialized and licensed professional team working with customs officer services, including: draw-back, automobile, clearance systems, linha azul (Brazilian customs clearance express), FUNDAP (Brazilian clearing house), Pro DF (Brazilian economic program), etc. Besides these specialized areas the project also supports: big hefty transport, heavy machinery of new plants, large scale and oversized equipments.


MAC Logistic studies, elaborates, prepares, executes and manages all the steps that involve the execution of the ex-tariff (less duties at Mercosul).


We are pioneer at development and attendance of customs clearance’s operations through cabotage. Our expertise and know how allow us to offer low costs solutions, helping to improve the supply chain and reducing CO2 emissions.

P.O Management

MAC Logistic works with purchase order management handling with the control, tracking and operations. The core business is the focus of the clients operations, which is supported by our professional team. Our strategy is to reduce set costs and increase the variable.

The P.O Management system we use interactive with the most ERPs types, such as: SAP, TOVTS and MICROSIGA. This system also provides KPIs (key performance indicator) in real time, improving the quality of information and the order’s management process.

Loading and unloading ships

Our company offers management, coordination and execution for loading and unloading ships at Brazilian seaports. Our qualified team chooses the best operational alternatives, seaport practices, OGMO (Brazilian Work Force Department) negotiations and the correct utilization of seaport resources to our clients.

The macro vision at operations contributes to the improvement of the customs clearance steps, besides the cutback at logistics costs.

Chartering & Break bulk

MAC Logistic is expert in break bulk and bulk cargo. We support technical resources in all of the process based in three pillars:

– Security;
– Technical feasibility;
– Low cost.

To improve the service we count on daily analysis of the market indicators through an updated database that shows all the ships’ position at Brazilian coast. With the information in hands, we can guarantee the operational security in business commercial relations. MAC Logistic is synonym of break bulk and bulk efficiency.

Commodities logistics operations

Commodities logistics is one of the main services offered by MAC Logistic at Brazilian exportation market. Our information works in real time, like: movement, prices and logistics and innovation demands to attend the clients in a global scenario.
The commodities operations services are global with international practices, following the Survey companies’ rules and each market’s particularities.

MAC Logistic makes the real time information a great commodity market indicator. Our logistics is modern, attending a complete diagnosis of the buying and selling contracts, letters of credit or commercial aspect negotiation between buyers and sellers.

  These are our main services:

– Buy and sell contract analysis (logistics impact);
– Letter of credit analysis (logistics impact);
– Operational logistics study;
– Logistics valuable price’s deals, accordingly to commodity price volatility.