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The different types of cargo ship

The different types of cargo ship
15/12/2021 zweiarts

Do you already know about the different types of cargo ships that are used daily to transport around the world? Maritime trade is highly important for foreign trade and logistics, with virtually 90% of the world’s cargo still being transported by sea. Different types of freighters have been created over the years to keep up with the ever-increasing logistical needs of transport, each aiming to fulfill a specific function, so no two ships are the same.


The bulk carrier was designed to transport products that will be sold in bulk without the need for identification of the supplier, such as rice, sugar, and even coal. All its cargo is located in the holds, which are covered with hydraulic hatches to protect the cargo from weather actions.

Due to the nature of its cargo, it requires special port terminals to be able to unload it.


Idealized to carry only oil and oil products, it is not capable of transporting other liquids. They have a double hull to protect against environmental damage and pipes that allow the liquid to occupy the entire ship and not be located in only one place, thus facilitating weight distribution.

Because of their shape, they can navigate in shallow waters and end up not entering ports and port terminals, going straight to distribution stations to perform their loading and unloading.


Probably the best known type of cargo ship in the world, they are the main means of transporting goods used today. They have a kind of guide so that the containers can fit into place and be balanced against each other.

The container has become a popular means of loading precisely because of its globally standardized size, ensuring that a ship always has a fixed capacity of goods it can carry, facilitating the logistics process.


Not very well known, this type of cargo ship serves the same purpose as the oil tanker, where substances that can affect the environment or that can be considered hazardous are transported with specific equipment to avoid damage.

Each of these ships can have different types of storage tanks, from tanks that are part of the ship’s structure, to tanks that are expandable to be able to transport various amounts of different gases safely.


Also known as Ro-Ro ships, these carry vehicles that have wheels or are carried on wheels. This type of cargo ship is like a large internal garage, with adjustable height to accommodate cargo of different sizes.

This type of cargo ship is probably the best known without being aware that it is a cargo ship, because smaller models are commonly used as ferries in various parts of the world to allow the crossing of vehicles and people at the same time on sea stretches, it is widely used in day-to-day life in cities and places that can be connected by sea and that have a large flow of people, such as Santos-Guarujá.


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