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Medical Logistics and the advancement of medicine in the fight against cancer

Medical Logistics and the advancement of medicine in the fight against cancer
21/10/2021 zweiarts

Because of the pandemic of COVID-19 the question about the transportation of hospital supplies and vaccines became in evidence and caused many doubts about its operation. Logistics in the healthcare area can be complicated, mainly due to the optimization process that is necessary for a full operation. The optimization of resources is highly necessary, because the stock and storage are limited, but any lack of stock can mean a patient will not be able to be treated properly, in addition, many drugs need to be stored at an appropriate temperature or their consumption have an expiration date, attention to these factors are essential in an adequate logistics and that mistakes can be the difference between a patient being treated or not.

A Navigant survey conducted in 2019 estimates that US hospitals can reduce their logistics costs by up to 17.7% with better optimization of their resources, this survey also indicated that out of every 100 hospital managers, almost 50% still use manual forms of logistics control. Better optimization of this control can help reduce inventory costs by decreasing some of the allocation costs and the amount of empty runs, plus hospitals can benefit from better delivery scheduling so that any delays or even advances do not cause inventory problems.

How hospital logistics helps in cancer treatment

In this century, with 99% of the human genome sequenced, the treatment and development of drugs to treat different types of cancer has become easier. In the past, treatments and drugs were found that were practically random, since medicine still could not understand the alterations that each case of cancer performed in the human body, but with the sequencing it became possible to search for the anomalies caused by the disease and create effective drugs and treatments for each case.

Unfortunately, we are still far from a definitive cure for all types of cancer, but with the advance of medicine and especially the awareness and early diagnosis and prevention – greatly boosted by Pink October and Blue November, the disease is no longer the sentence it was in the past. However, more than ever, each case is a case and needs different treatments to find the best solution for each patient and how unique these solutions are.

And it is through these unique solutions that good hospital logistics is of utmost importance. Having immediate or quick access to the right means of treatment can make all the difference for patients when it comes to starting or continuing their treatment. This is the case with the treatment of leukemia, for example, which is treated with a specific drug, imatinib; this drug was developed especially for cases like this – malignant diseases, and is not used outside these cases, but it is essential to save lives in this case.

Logistics and optimization are extremely necessary in all areas

Good optimization and proper logistics are highly necessary in almost all areas, whether in industry, in trade, or even in healthcare. Being able to optimize your space and orders, in order to always have at hand what you need, is a completely differentiating factor.

MAC Logistic is the ideal partner for those who seek a logistic specialist and can help to improve their optimization and logistic processes, helping to solve their problems and optimizing routes, costs and most crucial of all, time.