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Burnout in COMEX professionals: Why does this happen so often?

Burnout in COMEX professionals: Why does this happen so often?
31/07/2023 zweiarts

The WHO (World Health Organization) has included burnout syndrome as an occupational disease since January 2022.

This syndrome also known as the emotional exhaustion syndrome causes many foreign trade professionals to suffer from its symptoms on a day-to-day basis.

Thus, with the regulation of the syndrome, the worker has easier access to the rights of the Brazilian legislation with respect to this disease.

How does burnout syndrome impact foreign trade companies?

The inclusion of the syndrome as an occupational disease represents for foreign trade companies the rethinking of what will be the models of people management that need to be applied internally.

It is known that in some moments there is no way to escape the stress of the rush of tasks to be performed at work. However, it is possible to create strategies that imply the overload of activities and responsibilities, which generate emotional exhaustion in the individual.

The professional who has burnout syndrome has the right to withdraw from their work activities and also to the benefits of occupational diseases, if their diagnosis is confirmed.

It is very important that foreign trade companies analyze all attitudes towards people management, initiating the improvement of what needs to improve, with assertive decision-making so that emotional exhaustion is avoided.

How do foreign trade companies help employees avoid emotional exhaustion?

The excesses of situations and difficult experiences, which are faced at work, lead foreign trade professionals to the individual emotional limit.

Companies can help by creating a humanized, empathetic and welcoming place that is able to provide professional satisfaction for its employees.

It is necessary to rethink and restructure the relations between company and employee, through actions that institute new internal rules of conduct.

As well as the adoption of workflows, collection of goals consistent with reality and the organization of a rotating delegation of activities among the team.

In addition, it is also important to remember the offer of resources necessary for the accomplishment of the tasks, the creation of leisure and rest spaces and the establishment of the feedback culture.

We saw in this text that foreign trade companies have the essential tools to be used in internal labor relations, so that the professional maintains good emotional health, always well disposed and motivated, knowing their limits and passing on the feedback to the manager.