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Reduce your costs with tax intelligence

Reduce your costs with tax intelligence
28/04/2022 zweiarts

Tax intelligence is a practice that can be considered common here at MAC Logistic, it helps to reduce your costs incurred by your company through taxes and duties exerted on the most different products, whether imported or for export. For this, it is necessary to have specific knowledge of the taxes in Brazil and in the place of destination or origin of the product.

One of the factors that tax intelligence helps is in the choice of the best tax charges, understanding the model that the client is inserted and what are their conditions, both logistical and financial when it comes to paying the different taxes in Brazil and in the world.


A point not much practiced by several companies and that tax intelligence can help is the drawback. Similar to the famous cashback currently employed by financial institutions, the drawback is a practice that the Brazilian government itself performs, with the refund, suspension or exemption of certain taxes imposed when a product is imported.

For this to happen, the material that is being imported necessarily needs to be used in some way for a future product that will be exported, however, for you to have this benefit at the time of ” circumventing” Brazil’s famous taxes, it is necessary that an application be made.


An exporting company in Brazil also has other benefits that can be used for tax intelligence, one of them is the Reintegra, a special regime created by the Brazilian government to reintegrate and return taxes in Brazil for companies that export goods.

Different from drawback, Reintegra affects companies that are not necessarily importing raw materials and other components for the manufactured goods.


Above you have seen just two of the examples applicable when we are talking about taxes in Brazil, showing a little of the need for Tax Intelligence to be always present, especially when dealing with such delicate issues as logistics and the different taxes involved in this whole process.