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Innovations in logistics that make the difference

Innovations in logistics that make the difference
19/10/2022 zweiarts

Are you a professional who cares about being on top of constant innovations in logistics? If you don’t have this habit yet, know that running a sector as dynamic as logistics requires you time and willingness to catch up on what’s new in the market.

In fact, seeking to know such trends and apply them in your company is one of the best ways to keep the business competitive and productive. For, as you know, we live in a time of high competition and winning a customer’s preference requires smart strategies.

Thinking about it, for today’s post we have gathered 3 innovations in logistics that you need to know. Preparation? So, let’s go!

1 – Pick to Light

Have you ever heard of this technology? It has already been used in Europe and the USA and begins to emerge in Brazil as an excellent option for managing and optimizing the company’s inventories.

This innovation is indicated for companies that want to achieve a high rate of separation of items for fractional loads, with decreases in failures and errors.

In summary, the system uses indicator lights that identify the location of the product in the shed, also showing the quantity of that product that should be separated. After collection, it triggers a button that finishes the task and already records the output in the company’s inventory management system.

That is, the employee responsible for the collection and separation of orders has more security and agility when performing the operation, reducing the chances of sending the wrong products.

2 – New inventory organization techniques

The way to organize the company’s inventory within the warehouse has always been a major concern of logistics managers. After all, this directly influences costs and can help or hinder the logistics of the company.

Therefore, new strategies to organize inventory are being launched and tested in various enterprises of all sizes. As an example, we can mention:

  • use of barcodes in products;
  • use of differentiated colors in packaging;
  • application of RFID technology (replaces traditional barcodes);
  • development of applications in the cloud for inventory management and organization.

That is, given the relevance of maintaining an organized and well-cataloged inventory, companies begin to think of strategies that allow this process to be done efficiently and reduce the time spent by employees in the sector.

3 – Use of voice commands in inventory management

It is a very useful solution for those who work directly with the organization and separation of products in warehouses and distribution centers of companies.

One of the biggest advantages of this technology is that it does not require the use of papers and artboards, leaving the operator with his hands free to handle the boxes and products. For this, it carries a small device attached to the waist connected to a microphone and headphones.

Thus, it receives the command of which product should separate and its quantity and location in the warehouse. When you finish the task, it communicates the terminal, which immediately informs you of the next task to be fulfilled. Very useful, isn’t it?

All the innovations in logistics presented have the function of making the sector more productive and efficient. Every leader who wants to improve the performance of their team and thus provide better results for the company should be aware of these trends and study ways to integrate them into their day-to-day life. After all, the main function of technology is to facilitate our daily lives!