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Do you know how Comex 4.0 works?

Do you know how Comex 4.0 works?
01/10/2021 zweiarts

The term 4.0 is nothing new since it has been applied in several areas of the market and with Comex it wouldn’t be different. The advance in technology has brought new possibilities and innovation has become crucial to evolution.

The industry is an amazing example of following the way society evolves to understand new necessities is important and essential. When the subject is technology, you can’t get behind. But rest assured, if you never heard of Comex 4.0, come with us and we will explain everything!

Why the term 4.0?

The term 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution and its goal is to bring connectivity between several different technologies to gain more productivity, assertiveness, lower costs and integrate processes.

Some of the most talked about technologies that play this role well are Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data. They’re capable of automating processes, ensure reliability and transparency, and also optimize costs.

The evolution of Comex so far

To talk about the future, it is very important to also revisit the past. One of the main events to Comex in relation to technology happened between 1993 and 1997 with the launch of the Integrated Foreign Trade System, the SISCOMEX. Pioneer at the time, it was responsible for integrating operational steps that were much more bureaucratic before.

This system got upgrades with time and in 2012, SISCOMEX became online and even more digital.

Leaving the public systems aside and talking more about private companies, we noticed that with the advance of SISCOMEX new necessities were born. The companies realized that for process optimization to happen, it was necessary to invest. Since then we have seen investments in technology to grow with every passing day.

According to an EBDI research, companies that have an average of 2 thousand employees declared that they plan to invest R$4 million in their IT areas in 2021 – half of this amount in technological solutions and the rest in infrastructure.

Investimentos em T.I crescem em 2021

Besides the search for cost reduction, other reasons for companies to invest are time optimization, tracing of mistakes and errors in the process, sustainability, improvement in the organization of the process and risk mitigation.

And it is in this sense that the new technologies play their role in helping you achieve all your goals. Let’s get to know some of them?

Big Data 

Big Data is nothing more than data. Data organized intelligently and that, when interpreted with a certain objective can bring big gains and assist in the decision making.


Automation exists to reduce or eliminate manual tasks. It can occur inside a simple process, like sending an e-mail and even within more complex tasks, such as industrial machinery that gain autonomy, without the needs of human interference.

Business Intelligence

It is Big Data combined with business management for decision making based on data. The use of dashboards helps the routine of managers, because information gets compiled in a strategic manner giving analytical support in an intelligent way.

Artificial Intelligence (IA)

Artificial Intelligence is a system that can work autonomously, based on data or in human knowledge. Yes, today we are the ones teaching the machines. A good example of IA in foreign trade is the ability to identify flaws in different steps of the process, even in documentation. Cost optimization is even guaranteed with the use of this technology, being possible to choose the best route, in cargo storage, in the needs of reassignment to another terminal, in the pricing of international freight, among others.


Blockchain is a technology that goes far beyond cryptocurrencies. It ensures transparency and reliability in all stages of the process because once information is recorded using this technology, it becomes unchangeable. It is impossible for it to be fraudulent or tampered with.

Large players in the market, such as Maersk and Walmart, already use Blockchain in their logistics operations. Walmart, for example, tracks more than 25 products from 5 different suppliers using IBM Blockchain, which is built using the Hyperledger Fabric modality.

Internet of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things is nothing more than ensuring technological intelligence for inanimate objects, such as a truck, a pallet, or a specific cargo, with the intention of ensuring control and management. This type of technology can be applied, for example, in cases where the cargo cannot suffer temperature oscillation. Several sensors are installed so that, during the way, the temperature is checked and monitored in real time by a team that receives the information in loco.

Can my company adapt to Comex 4.0?

The answer is yes! Access to information allows us to seek new ways to meet old needs and, in this sense, it is very important to have partners who understand your pain.

If you have come this far, you certainly understand what I am saying. Having a good partner is essential in the implementation of new technologies and MAC provides all the support in solving problems, guaranteeing optimization of time and costs for its clients.

Count with MAC Logistic, much more than logistics.